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(United African Evangelical Ministries)

Kenya Evangelical Mission

I am listing the latest updates here so you can tell if things have changed since you were last on.

4 November 2021 Churches and photos updated

5 August, 2021 Pictures added to photos added to Emmaus Church and Kebuko Church

06/06/2021  Churches and general pictures updated with new photos and videos

05/11/2021  Ebenezer church page updated. New photo added to Bible college

05/09/2021  Church pages updated. Newsletters updated. Photos added to general

03/01/2021 PayPal temporarily removed

03/26/2019 Updated newsletters and home page

12/20/2017 Updated PayPal. Added photos to general pictures

9/26/2017  Added additional church photos and some videos to some Kangundo fellowship churches. Added general pictures page, added page of photos for identification.

9/22/2017 Additional churches and photos added to church pages

9/21/2017 Photos added to some church pages.

9/19/2017 PayPal buttons expanded. Prayer page updated.

9/8/2017 Some church pages and photos updated.

9/4/2017  PayPal buttons were added to the “Get Involved” page to allow you to donate online.

8/25/2017 Updated Kangundo Fellowship church pages, added photos to wildlife gallery, prayer list updated

8/19/2017- Updated church listings and photos

8/17/2017- Schools pages totally revised

Welcome to the website for Kenya Evangelical Mission/United African Evangelical Ministries, an organization founded in 1988 by Hoyt and Lois Osborne.

Please look around . The menu bar at the top of each page allows you to access all parts of this website. Clicking on any menu item will take you to that area. Hovering your mouse over some selections will bring drop-down sub-menus that can get you to the desired area quickly. All the photos on the site are thumbnail views. Clicking on them will give you the full size picture that will be on top of the current page. Close the picture using the X at the corner of the picture to return to the page.

This site is intended to show you the history of this work and where it is happening , what is presently being done, as well as looking to how you can help support and be a part of this ministry in the future.

The site is still only partially in place, so check back to see what you haven’t seen yet. Since I am constantly updating the site, you may need to refresh or reload the page to see what has changed. And please pray for this work and the people it is ministering to.

We now have two pages on Face book.

I manage a FaceBook page  at https://www.facebook.com/KEM.UAEM/   along with Pappah Elijah, who takes care of the computers and internet  at the mission site.

Pappah Elijah also has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uaemkenya/   which  is a much more up to date page

If there are any problems with the website, please email the webmaster on the “Contact Us” page